Hi! I'm Ignis.

My name is Ignis Ferrum (a pseudonym, of course). I grew up watching things like Cowboy Bebop and DBZ and enjoyed trying to copy or make my own "anime voices", acting out scenes from the shows I most enjoyed. Later, this lead into tricking folks on Teamspeak and Discord during my WoW days by making the same voices that NPCs made. While it was funny, it prompted someone to suggest I create a Castingcall.club account and see how things go.

That was back in March, 2018. Since then, I've auditioned for over 200 projects and have enjoyed every moment of it.

A project is someones dream, whether big or small. Being a part of it and being able to help bring it life is a great feeling. I love Voice Acting because I love being a part of someone else's dream and enjoy seeing the end-result when everything is finalized.

Some of my work you will be able to see here on the right-side of the page. You can also take a look at my Castingcall.club Profile (accounts are free if you don't have one) and listen to some of my auditions (I'm still working on a demo reel).

If you think I'd make a good fit to your project(s), feel free to reach out by E-mail at me@ignisferrum.com or by contacting me on Discord at Ignis Ferrum#9024 and let's make some magic!

Check out some of my recent auditions!